We are Daniel and Bobbie Roberts and, along with our children Megan and Kaleb, are the owners and operators of R&D Farms.  R&D is home to 130 head of Braunvieh and Angus cows. The original R&D Farm home place was established by Daniel’s great-grandfather in the early 1800’s and consists of 303 acres with 2 fresh-water springs. The farm continues on in the Roberts’ family and we make our home in what was once Daniel’s great grandparents’ home. The farm got its name when it was shortened from the original Robert Draper farm name. Currently, we lease an additional 500-600 acres to complete our operation. Approximately 400 acres is in fescue grass pasture and the rest is in hay and tobacco. 



Our R&D herd started out as a Black Angus commercial and seedstock herd. In 2000 we bought our first Braunvieh bull. During breeding season, we put a Braunvieh bull and an Angus bull out with our cows. Over 70% of the calves born the next year were Braunvieh. These calves weaned an average of 84 pounds heavier than our Angus calves. We were sold on the breed and decided to purchase more Braunvieh cattle. We bought one heifer that year and now we have almost 100 head of Braunvieh fullblood and percentage cows.

The participation and success of R&D Farms in the show ring has been a great promotional tool for our cattle. However, we refuse to sacrifice performance or mothering ability to win in the show ring. Our cattle have to perform well in their environment to stay in the herd. The mature cows receive mineral supplementation and fescue grass pasture during most of the year.

R&D cattle are divided into fall and spring calving herds. Every cow on the place is bred Braunvieh either by artificial insemination or through our on-farm embryo transfer program. Clean-up bulls are used to ensure all cows are bred. Cattle that do not have a calf annually, have poor disposition, or fail to meet our weaning and yearling weight standards are culled. Replacement heifers and bulls are developed on the farm and marketed through consignment sales or private treaty.

Young cattle that don’t meet our seed stock standards are marketed in our small direct beef marketing business.

For more information on our program, go to the REQUEST INFO page and shoot us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.